Alexey Pavlov

A Time for Together

Carolina Ponce de León, Stephen Ferry y Santiago Rueda

DES|CON|NEXO narra los relatos visuales de fotógrafos alrededor del mundo, sobre las experiencias de conexión
y desconexión entre lo íntimo y público, lo individual o social, lo físico y lo virtual, generadas durante la pandemia.

Many of us felt lonely, suddenly finding ourselves in a world where new rules of ethics dictate that we refrain from hugging, kissing, even shaking hands. We are separated from others by our masks and are constantly preoccupied with the thought just not to pick up particles of a hostile microbiome.

I constantly hear news of couples disbanding since the start of the pandemic. My friends and friends of friends are breaking up relations, in addition, I often come across statistics about the frequency of divorces. Everyone explains this by the fact that not everyone withstands the test of distance or, on the contrary, due to the fact that they have to spend more time together due to quarantine.

In the midst of this madness, I met Polina on the Internet, writing a couple of silly compliments to her work. For a while, we communicated only online, and when the situation around calmed down a little, we met in reality and decided that we needed to stay together.

Alexey Pavlov 001
Me and Polina during a video call. We met on the Internet and for the first time communicated only online, as we could not meet due to quarantine.
Alexey Pavlov 002
Polina in the empty auditorium of the university. When the situation around became a little calmer, we went on a date and almost immediately decided to be together.
Alexey Pavlov 003
Portraits by Polina - mine and herself. Polina is studying to be an artist and painting plays a huge role in her life.
Alexey Pavlov 004
Polina and I are at her house. Even after the quarantine situation became calmer, we tried not to meet in crowded places. In order not to sacrifice time spent together, from the very beginning we began to practically live together.
Alexey Pavlov 005
Polina is on the subway.
Alexey Pavlov 006
Our headphones tangled together. With each new day, our connection became and only becomes stronger.
Alexey Pavlov 007
Polina at the mirror. Of course, like any other couples, we also have crisis moments. But there has never been a single time when we have not been able to reach a consensus.
Alexey Pavlov 008
Polina and I are at home. At the end of October, I tested positive for coronavirus. Right now, I continue to be ill, I have developed viral pneumonia. We found ourselves forced to isolate ourselves at home.
Alexey Pavlov 009
Polina is talking on the phone with her father. A few days later, Polina showed the first symptoms of the disease. Unlike me, everything proceeds easier for her, from time to time she gets dizzy and her temperature rises a little.
Alexey Pavlov 010
Medicines, referral to computed tomography and thermometer. I continue to be treated. If I do not feel better by next Monday, my subsequent hospitalization will be considered.

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